I’ve been shooting photos and videos of Alquímico since day one. Jean, the founder alchemist, spent the whole brainstorm process in my studio. We talked about every single detail, there were ups and downs, days of strenuous stress; all of these, in order to make this project happen. When I first started photo shooting for Alquímico, I was rusty, I hadn’t shot a photo in years, so I was a little concerned about the outcome, but I told Jean I would just give it a try and if we liked the result, then we would keep on doing it. And voilà, we got what we wanted with this so-called test. At the beginning it was only black and white to show the before period and once he opened the bar, he’d swap to color and bnw. Check out their website here

As you’ll see, the photos have high contrasts, deep shadows and regular highlights; on the other side, if you get to take a look to the videos, you’ll see a vintage texture reassembling the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s eras. I’ve shot this spot with low tungsten lights to keep the charm and the old style the house owns.

Some of their cocktails: