With nearly three decades dedicated to creating audiovisuals and photography, I embarked on this captivating journey back in 1995. Every moment has been a treasure, and my passion for this art form continues to grow.

Originally from Cartagena, Colombia, my path has taken me from the streets of New York and New Jersey to the vibrant cities of London and Paris. Along the way, I transitioned from a full-time skater (encouraged by my mom) to pursue a career as an Audiovisual Producer and Journalist, a journey that spanned over five enriching years of study and growth.

Today, I am focused on realizing a dream close to my heart: creating dance programs for children worldwide through insightDproject. This project brings together dancers from diverse corners of the globe, connecting through the universal language of dance.

Here, I share a glimpse of my passion and the rewards of immersing myself in these arts. Whether you'd like to reach out by phone or drop a note, feel free to get in touch.