I’ve been making audiovisuals and photography for almost three decades now. Wow! 3? Started around 1995 and, trust me, I’ve been enjoying this journey and I keep on treasuring every single moment put before me.

After quite a while of skateboarding, I (actually pushed by my mom, was enjoying being a full time skater), decided to begin a career as an Audiovisual Producer and Journalist. It took me more than 5 years to finish both.

I'm originally from Cartagena, Colombia. Today I live in between London and Paris, after a passage over New York and New Jersey. I am pursuing the dream of creating dance programs for children around the world (insightDproject) step by step, little by little. A project that involves the world and dancers from different corners of the globe.

Here I’m sharing a little part of me and the perks of being a passionate of these arts. To get in touch you can call me or drop me a note by clicking here or you can click on the contact page.