Decided to get to know more about the ingredients that make the most related food to the evolution of man, I embarked on the adventure of touring France a bit until I reached Mâcon, where this family mill is located, Moulin Marion, notch quality product. Julien-Boris PELLETIER, General Director, introduced me to the family history, which I found inspiring, coming up from the WWII; also he got me into the facilities and the amazing process of the different types of French flours they produced there.

After a couple of hours we decided to actually taste the product. We did so by heading out to a boulangerie (Bakery) that they supply, Le Champ du Pain, run by a beautiful couple.. Amazed with the gathering and this intriguing process to make bread, I delighted my eyes and mouth watching and, of course, tasting.

The bread:

I was so happy to know all of this, thanks also to Valentine BIDARD, the Commercial and Communication Assistant that from the very first moment was open to have me there and guided me to get to Mâcon.

Here’s some of the staff.